Setting up Zapier for your Nonprofit

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zapier videoIntroducing Zapier (2 min)

Ready to get started? Here are the steps:

1. Sign up for your Zapier account.

Go to:

zapier sign up

2. Use our Apps on Zapier to connect your Springboard Account to make a Zap.

Here are direct links to your options for types of Zap—Orders or Messages.

  • Trigger when new ORDERS are received in your Springboard Order Administration area via a Catalog checkout:
Click Orders and then Accept Invite.
  • Trigger when new MESSAGES are received in your Springboard Message Center, such as a File Transfer or a General Contact. 
Click Messages and then Accept Invite. (This is shown in the following example, below).

accept invite

3. Sync your Springboard account to Zapier.

Follow the on screen prompts to do this. Log into your Springboard to get your API key and Website ID, and paste them into Zapier.

connect springboard and zapier

4. Make your Zap.

On your Zapier dashboard, click Make a New Zap.

make a zap

5. Create your Trigger and Action.

Follow the prompts to create your Trigger and set your Action.

create trigger

6. Test.

Connect and test your Springboard and third party account.

test zap

7. Filter and Map.

Add a Filter to specify which messages to act on, and Match (Map) the message fields to send data from the Springboard messages to the third party application (ie: Dropbox, in this example).

filter and map

8. Name and activate.

Type a name for this Zap and click Turn Zap on.

turn zap on

Congratulations! Your Zap is On and will start triggering as messages come in.