Setting up Landing Pages

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A landing page is a page of your website dedicated to encouraging a clear, specific action from your visitor. That call to action could be to make a donation, request more info, watch a video, make a purchase, download a tip sheet, the list goes on. A landing page accompanies a particular marketing campaign and can attract a new donor or volunteer, or may generate awareness of your cause or something you offer. 

video: landing pagesLanding Pages (3 min)

There are two components to each landing page:

  • Page contains the message and call to action.
  • Response or "conversion" contains a thank you message, or provides a payoff for submitting the form, such as presenting the file to download.

Landing pages are not intended to display in the main website structure; visitors get the URL from somewhere else, such as an email marketing campaign, direct mail piece, social media, or organic search. So, in addition to making the content compelling, be sure to add SEO information for effective search results.

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You’ll find landing page templates in your templates Library which you can use as a foundation for adding more as needed. Your Springboard also includes landing pages ready to be customized and promoted. You’ll find them by clicking My Website and Website Content.

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Follow these links for tips to managing content on each of the landing pages: