Activating Order Approval in a Portal

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Follow these steps in your Springboard to configure the order approval feature for your customers who want to approve orders before they're off to production:

  1. Turn on the approval requirement for the catalog(s) in the portal
  2. Set page permissions for the approver (add more pages for multiple approvers)
  3. Configure the Order Management/Approval content (display orders placed by all or selected users and configure email alerts)

order approval videoOrder Approval (4:42)

1. Activate Order approval for the catalog(s) of items.

The order approval requirement is set for an individual catalog. Plan your catalogs so that items that require approval are grouped together into a catalog. In the same portal you can display catalogs of items that require approval and catalogs of items that do not.

  • Create your catalogs in the My Website > Libraries > Catalog Items section of your Springboard.
  • Click My Website and Portals.
  • Click the title of the portal to update, then the title of the page (typically titled Document Library or Product Catalog) where the Catalog content is. The catalogs that have been assigned to the portal are listed.
  • Check the box in the Approval column for each catalog requiring approval.checkmark in approval column
    • If you haven't yet assigned the catalog(s) to the portal, click Assign Catalog(s). Browse or Search for the catalog(s) and check the box in the Active Column. Note: To display a child catalog (a catalog inside a catalog), check the box for it along with the box for the highest level (parent) catalog. If only the child catalog is checked, it will not display. Child catalogs display with double-arrows >> in the title. The information to the left of the >> is the name of the parent catalog. For each Catalog that requires approval, check the box in the Order Approval column.
  • Click Save & Close.

2. Provide access to the Order Approval page to the users who need it.

Only certain people will be approving orders—update the Order Approval page permissions so the page only displays to those who are authorized. The default settings for Order Management/Approval display orders placed by all users of the portal.

Are multiple approvers responsible for managing orders for different people? No problem; follow these steps to add another approval page. You’ll set page permissions that give each approver access to a page that's configured to display orders for the users s/he is responsible for.

  • Duplicate the existing order approval page. Tip: Add a Content Template first to speed up the process, especially when you're adding more than one page.
  • In your Springboard, click My Website, and under Libraries, click Templates.
  • Click Add Template and click Content Template.
  • Type a Template Title such as “Order Approval”.
  • Choose to Clone: Portal Page. Select the Portal and then select the Page.clone portal page for template
  • Click Save & Continue. Now the page has been duplicated as a Template which you can apply to the pages you add in the portal.
  • Click My Website and Portals and click the title of the portal you want to update.
  • Click Add Page.
  • Type a Title. The Filename is automatically created. Leave page location set to portal root. Leave Design Layout set to Default.
  • Content Template: Select your new template from the list. Leave the rest of the settings as default.add approval page
  • Click Save & Finish.
  • The page appears at the bottom of the list of pages. Drag it where you want it and drop it.
  • Repeat for additional pages.
Set permissions for each order approval page; click Edit Page Permissions on the Content Preview screen.
  • Who can view this page? Choose Specific users & groups and in the Users tab, select Users assigned to this portal. Enter keywords if needed and locate the user(s) who should have access to this page.
  • Click Add in the Actions column next to each user who should be able to view the page.
  • Click Close.

Step 3: Configure the Order Approval content.

Follow these steps on each order approval page.
  • Click the gear icon and Edit Order Management/Approval SettingsUser-added image
  • Approve Orders For: Select the users whose orders will be managed on this page.
    • Choose All Users of this Portal displays the orders for all users who have access to order items
    • Choose Selected Users to see a list of all users of the portal. Click to select each user whose orders should be managed on this page.  approve-orders-for
  • Limit approval to items ordered from this portal? The default is Yes. Choose No to display items ordered from another portal a user has access to.
  • Allow some items in an order to remain pending? Choose Yes to allow this. Choose No to require a decision on all items at once.
  • Send an email notification when an item has been approved or denied? To be notified when this happens, choose Yes and configure the options.
  • Send an email response to the customer when an item has been approved or denied? To notify your customer who placed the order choose Yes and configure the options.
  • Click Save & Close.
Congratulations! You have enabled Order Approval in the portal.