Activating a Newly Added Catalog

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I added a new catalog inside an existing catalog that's displaying on my website. The new one is not showing up. Why?

When you add a new catalog, even if it's inside of a catalog that's already displaying, it's not active until you make it active. This is so that you can add your catalog items and have them show up on the website only when you're ready.

Follow these steps in your Springboard to activate the display of your new catalog:

  • Click My Website and Website Content, or Portals, if it's a page in a portal, and click on the title of the page where the new catalog should display.
  • Locate the Catalog content on the page and click Assign Catalog(s)
User-added image
  • Find the new catalog in the list and check the box in the Active column.
User-added image
  • Click Save & Close.

Now, the new catalog will be displaying on your website.