Add Groups and Assign Users and Portals (VIDEO)

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Add a Group and assign the group to a portal. Assign users to groups to give them the same access to a portal.

video: users, groups, permissionsShow me! Users, groups, Permissions (5 min)
Log into your Springboard and click My Website and under Website Users click Manage Groups.

  • Click Add Group.
  • Type a Title, such as Board Members or Volunteers, or name it according to a Customer name. TIP: You can create a group for people responsible for viewing and approving online proofs, and send a proof to the group instead of to individuals.
  • All existing website users are displayed in the Selectable Items list in the Assigned User(s) area. Click to select users to be assigned to the group.
  • Click Save & Close.

Now that you've added a new group, assign the group to the proper portal.

  • Click My Website and then Portals.
  • Click the gear icon for the portal you want to update and click Manage Users & Groups.
  • Click the Groups tab.
  • Select Groups not assigned to this portal and click Search.
  • Click Add to assign the Group to this portal.
  • Click Close.

Now that you have established groups, you can assign users to them from a user's account.

  • Click My Website and Website Users.
  • Click Add User or click on the name of a user in the list.
  • In the Assigned Groups area, select the group(s) this user should be assigned to.
  • Complete any additional fields of info and click Save & Finish.

The user now has the permissions and access to the portals that the group has been assigned to.