Adding Catalog Item Attributes

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Use the Attributes feature to capture customer choices as they order an item. Attributes work just like form fields. They can provide you with information and can also modify the price of your item based on your customer’s choices.

Add the catalog item in your Springboard, and follow these steps:

  • In the Attributes section, click Add Attribute. NOTE: If you are editing an existing item, click the gear icon next to the title and then Manage Attributes.
  • Type a Label. Ex: Paper Color
  • Is this attribute required? As with form fields, attributes can be required. Choose Yes to require the attribute.
  • Select the Type. Like the form field types, choose Text field or Text area for your customer to type information, use Checkboxes, Radio buttons or Pulldown Menu to provide options for them to choose from. Use File upload for them to transfer a file that goes with the item. 
    • If you've selected Checkboxes, Radio Buttons or a Pulldown Menu for the Type, click Add Option and continue as follows.
  • Choose the type of Pricing Adjustment: Dollar or Percentage.
  • Complete the Pricing Tiers section (optional). To update the price of the item when your customer chooses an attribute or options, type the Quantity and Price Modifier. For example, type a 1 for the quantity (or the minimum number that will be ordered), select plus or minus and type the number of dollars or percentage. This increases or reduces the price in relation to the unit price(s) entered for the item, and also lets you indicate another quantity threshold to apply a different price.
  • Click Add Row to indicate another price tier.
    • If you're using Checkboxes, Radio Buttons or a Pulldown Menu, click Save & Close, and then Add Option to repeat and provide the list of options to display on your site. 
  • Choose the Price Modifier Scope to indicate whether the modifier is to be applied per unit, or to the total price of the order.
  • Click Save & Close. Repeat to add more attributes.
NOTES: When you’re using price modifiers, be sure you’ve entered prices for your catalog item and your catalog display is configured to show the pricing information. Activate the display setting Calculated Subtotal for the catalog content in order to display the subtotal for the quantity your customer chooses, with the attributes they choose. They might choose or enter a different quantity than the quantities shown in a price grid.