Adding and Updating Spotlights (VIDEO)

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Give your images special attention for your responsive design. See: Creating a Custom Spotlight for your Responsive Site Design for tips.

Create custom spotlights for the banner/masthead area of your home page to engage your website visitor and prompt them to take action on the message you’re displaying. Display multiple spotlights and they'll automatically rotate.

To add a custom spotlight, follow these steps.

best practices videoSpotlights: Best Practices (2:36)

1. Save your Spotlight image.

The size of your spotlight image is determined by your website design. You’ll find your spotlight image size in your Springboard.

  • Click My Website and Website Content.
  • Click the Title of your home page.
  • ​The left menu lists content locations. Spotlight dimensions are shown in parentheses. Save your image based on this size.

User-added image

  • There’s no need to add text to the image—use the settings in your Springboard to add your message and call to action button.

While you're here, you can preview the default spotlight images that are provided with your website design.

  • In the Spotlight content, click Add spotlight item.
  • Click Select a Spotlight.
  • The default spotlights include the design name in the title. e.g. "Hope: Smiling Girl" or "Vigor: Letters."  Click Select this Spotlight next to the one you'd like to preview.
  • The image title will display as a link in the spotlight section. Click it and the image will open in a new tab.
  • Click Use Different Spotlight to preview another image and repeat the steps.

2. Upload your custom image into your Spotlight library.

  • Click My Website and under Libraries, click Spotlights.
  • Your Spotlight Library works like your image and document libraries. Click Upload Spotlights.
  • Select multiple images on your computer, and drag and drop them onto the window to upload them into the library.
  • Give it an optional Title, or the filename will be used.
  • Click Finish Uploading.

3. Display your spotlight on your website.

  • Click My Website, Website Content and your home page title.
  • Click Spotlight in the content locations menu on the left.
  • Click Add Spotlight Item.
  • Click Select a Spotlight and select the spotlight image from your library.
  • Type a Title, which displays as the headline on the spotlight, and will also be used as its Alt Tag. An Alt Tag is a short description of an image and helps with search engine optimization.
  • Type the Text to display on the image. The font and text size is already determined by your website design.
  • Type the Button text, which is your call to action. Again, the style of the button is based on your site design.
  • Link: Select whether your Spotlight links to another site, another page on your site, to a downloadable file, or to an email address.
  • NOTE: Be sure to include a call to action on your spotlight. At minimum, add “Learn more” and link it to another area of your website, to encourage visitors to click around and learn more about who you are and what you offer.
  • Click Save.
User-added image
  • Update the Display column to control which spotlights are displaying on your site.