Adding Email Marketing Opt in on any Website Form

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With Firespring Email Marketing, you can add an opt-in checkbox to a form on your website. Your visitor can be automatically added to an Email Marketing group that you can tailor to your campaign. Here’s how:

1. First, add an Audience Group inside your Firespring Email Marketing software

  • Log in and go to Audience > Groups > Create a Group

create group

  • Give the Group a name
  • Click Create

create group

2. Add or manage your Contact Fields inside your Firespring Email Marketing account.

  • Click Audience > Contact Fields > Create Contact Field
Firespring Email Marketing Dashboard Screenshot
  • Enter a Field Name.
  • Choose a Field Type from the drop down menu.
  • Click Save.

3. Next, navigate to your Springboard and connect your form to the group.

  • In your Springboard, click My Website > Website Content and click the title of the page with the form. 
  • Click the gear icon next to Form Header/Settings and click Edit Form Settings
  • Choose Yes to Connect this form to an email marketing campaign
  • Map the desired fields from your form to the Email Marketing record. Your Email Marketing contact fields will be on the left, and your Springboard form fields will be in the drop down menu.
Note: All of your Email Marketing Contact Fields will populate in the Springboard. you don't have to update all of them in order for your form to work. Choose the fields that you have matching fields for on your Springboard form and leave the rest as 'None' in the drop down menu.
Screenshot of Springboard Email Marketing Opt in options screen
  • Select a Group from your Email Marketing by using the drop down menu. This will be the group that your form submitter will belong to.
  • Type in a new Opt-in Field Label, or leave blank to use the default option.
  • Type in a new Opt-in Checkbox Label, or leave blank to use the default option.
  • Choose Yes or No for Check opt-in checkbox by default? based on your preference.
Note: If you choose Yes, website visitors will have to manually uncheck the box to opt-out. If you choose No, they will have to manually check the box to opt-in.
  • Click Save & Close.


Here's an example of what website visitors will see with the opt-in question and checkbox activated on a form:

default labels for opt in checkbox

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