Annual Website Maintenance

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Get the latest and greatest info within our industry and stay on top of Springboard best practices.

  • Check Firespring's webinar schedule for upcoming webinars.
  • Learn more with various tutorials we provide by visiting the FAQs and clicking Video.

Click Through All Pages of Your Website

An effective website is like a flower; with a little love and care it can blossom into a thing of beauty. Give your site’s visitors a pleasant surprise every time they stop by your website:

  • Add updated information (staff, news, products, services, etc.).
  • Fix broken links.
  • Remove or update outdated content.

Test Your Website’s Links

Not much turns a visitor off faster than a website that has broken links. Make sure all your content is up and running like it should be by checking your website’s links.

  • Review all your website’s links to ensure they’re working.
  • Use to check for dead or broken links.
  • Download “Check My Links” from the Google Chrome store.

Ensure Marketing Efforts Are Consistent

Be sure your company has the same tone and voice across all your marketing channels.

  • Promote your website through direct mail, e-newsletters, social media and email signatures.
  • Check local online directories, your Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau and make sure it includes a listing of your company with your URL.
  • Refresh your company’s SEO by using the tips from your Springboard.