Email accounts: Server settings and what to do if you have trouble sending mail

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For email related support and assistance, log in with your email address and password at

Here's the general information regarding email account setup:

  • IMAP (SSL): (Port 993)
  • POP (SSL): (Port 995)
  • SMTP (SSL): (Port 465)
  • SMTP (No SSL): (Ports 25, 587, 2525)
  • When you enter your Account ID/User name, enter your complete email address, ie:
  • The following two settings should be checked (The exact verbiage will vary, depending on your email client):
    • My outgoing server requires authentication
    • Use same settings as my incoming server

Want an easier way? Try using webmail.

With webmail, you can check your email, and you can also enjoy features like chat, shared calendars, and even set up an out-of-office reply message.
  • Log in at with your email account as the username and the password for the email account.

Problems sending email?

Try changing the outgoing mail server port. Typically you can find this under the Advanced Settings but it will vary depending on the email application and version you're using.

  • Change the outgoing mail server port number to 587 (or another listed).
  • Changing the outgoing port to 587 will allow you to get around ISPs that block port 25. For example: AT&T typically blocks outgoing traffic on port 25.
View our published email support guidelines here.