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As part of your service, Firespring provides analytics for your website. You'll find these in your Springboard, by clicking on Analytics & Reports. See Firespring Analytics - website statistics 101 for more information on the analytics we provide and what your website statistics mean.

In addition to your Firespring website analytics, you can add Google Analytics to your website. To use Google Analytics, you or your organization must have a Google account. Google does not allow an analytics account to be created unless it is tied to a Google account. 

After setting up a Google account, sign up for Google Analytics:

  1. On the Google Analytics homepage, click “Start for free".
  2. On the following page, click “Sign Up” on the right side.
  3. For the option “What would you like to track?”, select website.
  4. Fill in the information about your account, website name and website URL.
  5. Click “Get Tracking ID.” You will be taken to the Google Analytics dashboard. The first page you see will have the Tracking ID you need to supply to us. It will look something like “UA-00000000-1.”
Please send the Tracking ID into your account team at so we can place the Tracking ID into your website. After the Tracking ID has been placed into your website, Google will be able to verify that you have administration rights over your website and will begin showing you analytics. The process for the verification and for website statistics to begin may take a few hours, so be patient. Once your Tracking ID has been verified, the Google Analytics dashboard will begin displaying your website information and statistics.