How to Edit the Appearance of your Email Notifications

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Email Notifications play an important role on your website. Forms across your site trigger emails that are sent to both your website visitors and your employees. Email Notifications include the response message sent to website visitors and the notification email sent to your team. In the Website Settings area of your Springboard, you’re able to edit the global appearance of your email notifications to match your organization’s branding.

Note: The content of your Email Notifications is still customizable on a per-form basis throughout the site structure of your Springboard. To learn more about Form Actions and how to personalize the content of each form notification, check out this article.

To edit your Email Notification Styles settings: 

1. Click My Website > Website Settings.

2. Click Email Notifications. This will open the Email Notification Styles settings area where you’ll edit the appearance of your Email Notifications. You’ll see filler text in the form, so you can get a feel for how your Email Notifications will look. 

Screenshot of the email notification styles area of your website settings

3. Choose your Logo by clicking Select Image. You can choose your image from the image library, or upload a new image by clicking Upload Image. The recommended size for the logo is 250px wide.

Best Practice: Your image name in the Image Library will become the Alt Text for your image. Name your logo descriptively in the Image Library (i.e. Firespring Logo) to ensure your company name still loads, even if your user has images turned off. This will help make your emails accessible to a wider audience.

4. Select colors for your Text, Headlines, Links and Background. You can enter the HEX codes for your colors, or click the color square on each to open a color picker. The preview on the right will update automatically as you enter your colors.

Screenshot of the Email Notification Styles area with the color picker

Best Practice: Choose colors that match your branding. Keep in mind that black body text is the most accessible for your website visitors. 

5. Once you’re happy with the appearance of your Email Notifications, click Save & Close

Now that you’ve updated the appearance of your email notifications, you can send yourself a test by completing any of the forms on your website that are set up to send a response message or notification email. As a reminder, each form within your website can be personalized from within the form actions. Check out this article to find out more about form actions and notifications.

Only Primary Administrators on the Springboard will see the Email Notifications in the Website Settings area. Your primary administrator can change your group by clicking My Account >  Users & Groups

Note: This Email Notifications feature is available for those on a responsive website design. If you'd like to chat about upgrading to a new design that supports this feature, contact our Client Success team at 877.447.8936 or