Managing the Website User Profile Form

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The Website User Profile is the set of data about your website user. In addition to username and password, it typically includes Name, Address, Phone and Email. You can choose to include additional fields in the profile, control how information is entered into these fields and whether the fields are required or not.

video: manage profileManaging the User Profile form (3:23)

To Access the Website User Profile form, log into your Springboard and click My Website.

manage profile

  • Under Website Users, click Manage Profile. On this screen, you'll see the fields that currently make up the Website User Profile.
  • To modify an existing field, click the gear icon next to the field and Edit Form Field Settings.
  • Edit the Field Label and Field Type as well as attribute information about the Field Type.
  • Click Save & Close when done.
  • You can also add new fields to the profile. Click Add Content and from the Content Type menu, choose Form Field. Click Save & Close.
  • Type the Field Label and select the Field Type. Modify any of the field attribute information, such as Is this field required? and click Save & Close. Your new field is now added to the Profile.
  • Lastly, you can control the order of the form fields with simple drag and drop. Click and hold the four way arrow to the left of the field, drag it to the desired location and drop it.