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Showcase your areas of expertise and create a strong call to action with Products and Services pages. 

These Products & Services sections are included in the default content package for Responsive site designs which launched Q1 2016. Service and Product listings should never be a dead end—it’s important to create conversations by giving customers a clear call to action, like Place an Order or Get a Quote.

We’ve started the process of optimizing these pages for search engines. Edit SEO Info by adding your geographic location. Add client testimonials and you’ll discover an immediate boost to both your SEO and credibility.

Here's what they look like. This image shows an example of one of the pages available in the Products section of your website. Headline, Text, Catalog Item are all displaying inside the Primary content space of the layout. NOTE: We’ve configured the Catalog to display pricing and attributes, and it displays best in the Primary content space, which is full width across the page. Also displaying on the page at the bottom (not shown in this image), are Related Products. Each related product links to the page featuring that product. Each product page has its own collection of related products, and you can update them in your Springboard, in the Related Products content space on any product page.

product page

Update the pages to make them your own. 

To find the pages in your Springboard, log in and click My Website then Website Content. Click the section title Products. (Click the section title Services for the services pages.)

products and services sections

Click the Title of any page, or the gear icon and Manage Content to get to the content preview screen. The content is organized by content space, which is the list to the left of the Add Content button. Click each location to update the content displaying in it.

  • Click Edit SEO Info. After the product or service name, add "| Your City, ST" so the tag looks like this, for example: Custom Postcards | Postcard Printing Service | Albany, NY
    • Click the gear icon next to the text content and Edit Text. Insert your company name, city and state, or region in the text where appropriate. Replace "we" with the name of your company, for example.
  • Add a customer testimonial in the Testimonial content space. Click Testimonial in the left menu, then Add Collection Item that contains the testimonial information.
  • Update Related Products if you'd like to feature different items.
  • To edit the details of the catalog item, click the catalog title Postcards (Default) (for example) in the catalog content. Then edit the catalog item information. Again, insert your company name, city, state or region in the item description where appropriate.

More about those catalog items... The Catalog Items library in your Springboard is contains default Catalogs of items that are featured in your Products section. The catalog items are pre-loaded with everything you need to start selling them on your website: default prices, quantity choices, descriptions and preview images. Look them over and make any adjustments based on your business practices. Click My Website and under Libraries, click Catalog Items."Default" is included in the title of each of these catalogs. Consider updating the default product images with examples of your own work. Review and update pricing and any other information, based on your business practices.

Prefer your Product pages with a Quote form?

Also available is an alternate Product Quote section, titled Product which is hidden from the navigation. This section is a duplicate of the Products section described above, except that a Get a Quote form displays instead of the catalog item. Here's an example of what the product quote page looks like. It's noted with the name of each content space that's used. 

product page quote

You can display one section or the other, and/or move a page from one section to the other. To display the section in your website, click the gear icon next to Product section and Edit Section Info

product section

Choose Yes to Display the section in the site navigation then click Save. To update the pages in the Product section, click the page title, and update the content as described in this article, including the SEO info.


NOTE: Some of the default products/services text content includes a relative link, which is a link in the paragraph text to another product page on your website. If you change the name of the page you're linking to, or the name of the section it's in, you'll need to update this link accordingly. Here's more about  Using Relative and Absolute links to link to other web pages.