Sending a Proof

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Reduce the proofing process by days and save hundreds of dollars per month with online proofing. In addition to streamlining internal production workflow and eliminating the need to create and deliver expensive color proofs, online proofing makes the entire process easier on your business and your customers. 

TIP: To keep file size down, you can post a lower-resolution version of the print file for viewing online, and even consider including a watermark in the background to let your customer know the file is specifically for proofing. 

To upload a proof for a customer, follow these steps in your Springboard.

  • Click Online Tools and Online Proofing.
  • Click Send A Proof next to the form you want to use. TIP: To create personalized forms for specific customers, see Adding a Proof Upload Form.
  • Note the options for Proof Recipients. Type an address manually, or select users from your website users list. For the Recipient Type:
    • Leave the default Entered Manually to type a recipient name and email.
    • Select Website User Group to select a group you have created in your website users list.
    • Select Website User to select a user from your website users list (users are listed by username).
    • Click Add Row to add more recipients of any of these types.
  • Complete the fields of information.
  • Choose the proof file(s).
  • Select a Proof Category. The selected category determines the portal where the proof will be uploaded. Select the category you’ve created and activated for this customer portal.
  • Send Reminders (optional): Configure these options to send a reminder email if your customer hasn't submitted the proof approval form in the portal, within some specified time. Select the number of days before the reminder is sent, and update the subject and message as desired.
    • Send reminder to recipient? Choose Yes to send a reminder to your customer. The reminder emails do not include a link to the file, so consider including a note and the URL of the login page on your website, to log into their portal and view and approve the proof there.
    • Send reminder to sender? Choose Yes to send a reminder email to the sender of the proof. This reminder can be sent on a separate time schedule. Include the customer name in the Subject and Message so that you can see at a glance the name of the customer the message is in reference to.
    • Example: Configure the proof reminder messages so that if the customer/recipient does not respond to a proof within 2 days, a reminder is sent to them. Further, if the customer does not respond within 3 days of the original proof notification, a reminder is sent to you (the sender of the proof) to follow up.
    • NOTE: When your customer submits the Proof Approval form in the portal, before the scheduled time of the first reminder, the emails will be cancelled/not sent.
  • Click Send Proof.