Sending a Proof to a Group of Proofers

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The Form Recipient Manager field type lets you select a portal user or a group of users and automatically populates their email addresses to receive a proof notification. Follow these steps in your Springboard to create a proofing user group and send a proof to the group all at once.

1. Create a group of users in your users list.

  • Click My Website and under Website Users click Manage Groups.
  • Click Add Group.
  • Type a Title, such as XYZ Company Proofers. All existing website users are displayed in the Selectable Items list in the Assigned User(s) area. Click to select users to be assigned to the group.
  • Click Save & Close.

2. Send a Proof to the Group.

  • Click Online Tools and Online Proofing.
  • Click Send A Proof next to the form you want to use. TIP: To create personalized forms for specific customers, see Adding a Proof Upload Form.
  • Note the options for Proof Recipients. Type an address manually, or select users from your website users list. For the Recipient Type:
    • Select Website User Group to select the group you have created in your website users list.
group recipient type
  • Select Website User to select a user from your website users list (users are listed by username).
  • Leave the default Entered Manually to type a recipient name and email. 
  • Click Add Row to add more recipients of any of these types.

Complete the fields of information and send your proof.

If you do not see the Recipient Type list, update your proof form:

  • Click Online Tools and Online Proofing.
  • Click the gear icon next to the form and Manage Content.
  • Click the gear icon next to the form field labeled Proof Recipients and click Edit Form Field Settings.
  • Update the Field Label if you wish.
  • Update the Field Type: Select the Form Recipient Manager in the Specialty Fields section, and click Save & Close.
form recipient manager field
  • Be sure to Delete the Recipient Email field that is now unnecessary.

Update the Form Action: Send a Notification Email

  • In the Form Header/Settings area, click Edit next to Send a notification email message.
  • Update the Email Subject and Message to personalize it for your customer and to match your company's style.
  • Recipient Email Address(es): Ensure the proper field you created is selected. Click on the field from the Selectable Items box to move it to the Selected Items box.
  • Click Save & Close.