Updating the Proof Approval Form

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As with other contact forms on your site, the Proof Approval form can be customized with fields and messages specific to your customers.

  • To get to the Approval form, log into your Springboard and click My Website and Portals.
  • Click the title of the portal, then click the View a Proof page title.
  • Click the gear icon for the Online Proofing Management content and then Manage Approval Form.
  • Here you can click Add Content to add more form fields or click the gear icon to edit an existing form field.
  • Update the email messages by clicking Edit for the Form Actions and Notifications, using the same process as other forms, too.
  • NOTE: The only field your customer sees that you're unable to edit on this form is the one labeled Approval. This field is integrated into the programming of the Proof Approval component, and at this time cannot be modified. The options are:
    • Approve as Provided
    • Approve with Changes Indicated Below
    • Request Another Proof Based on Comments Below
    • Cancel this Project