Updating the featured products on the home page

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The featured products are managed in a Collection in the Featured content space which has been styled to complement your website design. You can update the images, labels and text in your Springboard to shine a spotlight on specific products, services or case studies. Log in and follow these steps in your Springboard:

  • Click My Website and Website Content.
  • Click the Home/Welcome page title.
  • Just left of the Add Content button is the list of content spaces available on the page. Click Featured and locate the Collection content.
  • ​In the Collection grid, check or uncheck the boxes in the Display column to update the products that are shown. 
  • To edit an item, click on the item Label.

featured content

Here's what you can do on the edit screen:

edit collection item

  • Display This Item? Choose Yes or No
  • Item Label: Update and choose whether to display the label or not
  • Item Description: Update as you want. 
  • Item Link: By default, this is set To another page on this site: with the corresponding product page selected.
    • Note: This link is set by selecting from the menu which lists all of the pages of your website. If you make an update to a section or page name, this menu is automatically updated.
  • Item Image: You can choose to use a different image or remove this image. The image links to the same page that is selected for the Item link.
  • Click Save & Close when done.