User Management Interface Overview

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Log into your Springboard and click My Website, and Website Users. From this area you can modify existing portal users, add new ones, and add new groups to more efficiently manage users who have the same levels of access in a portal.

Here’s an overview of what you can do in the Website Users section:

Add a Website User

Click Add User. On the Add Website User screen, complete the login info and the profile info.
  • Status: Choose for the account to be active (allow the user to log in and gain access to a portal) or suspended (the account exists in the Springboard, but the user cannot log in).
  • Username: Choose a username for the account
  • Password: Choose a password for the account
  • Assigned Groups: Select a group(s), if any, for the user to be apart of. Learn more about creating new groups below.
  • Complete the Profile Info for the user. Update the profile to contain more or different data by Managing the Website User Profile Form.
  • Click Save & Finish.

Edit an Existing User

You can make changes to the username, password or any of the profile information of an existing user. Locate the user you would like to edit. This can be done by the search function at the top, or by scrolling through the list of users and using the page links at the bottom to move to the next page.

  • Click the username or the gear icon and Edit User Info.
  • Make the changes and click Save & Finish.

Log In as a User 

You can login as any website user, to see what they see.

  • Locate the username and click the gear icon next to the account and Log In as User
  • You will be logged in to the portal that the user has access to (Note: if the user has access to multiple portals, select which portal to log in to).
  • Remember to Log out of the portal when you are finished.

Auto-Login Info 

  • You can also generate a link that will automatically log a user into their portal without the need to enter in a username or password. To get this link, click on the gear icon next to the username and click View Auto Login Info for User.
  • If no Auto Login Links exist, click Generate New Token. The link will be listed below. Click Highlight, then copy the link and send to your website user in an email.

Import / Export Users

  • If you have a large number of users you would like to add, you can import them. See: Import Website Users.
  • To see the information about all of you users in a file format, you can Export users from the Springboard. Click Export User(s) in the top left corner.
  • Choose whether to export All Users or Users in a Particular Group.
  • Select which Profile Fields to include in the export.
  • Click Export.

Managing Groups

Groups allow you to manage the access to portals and permissions in those portals across multiple website users at the same time. To create a new group or edit an existing group click Manage Groups in the top right corner.

  • To add a group, click Add Group. Give the group a Title and Assign Users to that group. Click Save & Close.
  • To edit an existing group, click the Group Title or the gear icon and Edit Group Info. Update the Title and/or Assigned Users. When finished click Save & Close.
  • For more about Groups, see: Add Groups and Assign Users and Portals (VIDEO)